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August 25, 2017 by sandwichcontrol

You wash your hands.

Seriously, I must’ve washed my hands like a hundred times yesterday.

Today’s theme is: Outdoors.

Yesterday wasn’t nearly as crazy as my normal Thursdays. Sure I had half a flat of sodas explode right outside my rear passenger door while the door was open, but really the day was pretty chill after that.

I had ordered two reams of paper for text bodies of the new notebooks that I’m making. So I got those cut down. We went from 1000 sheets of paper to 2000 half sheets of paper. I then separated those half sheets into 200 stacks of ten. Then I folded all of those in half. Then I trimmed and folded the new covers that I had printed a few days ago. I got 100 notebooks assembled and stapled before I ran out of steam.

So I took a little howl break before heading into the house to tidy up and unwind before bed…

August 24

Today is Friday.

I’m meeting the Blacksmith for coffee before work-work. Then more notebook assembling is on the books. If I get those done, I’ll probably print the insides of some of the greeting cards I printed Wednesday. If I don’t get to those today, I’ll print them tomorrow. I’m planning on printing all day tomorrow.

But first, I have to go get through this workout.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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