Work Hard? Word Hard?


September 9, 2017 by sandwichcontrol

Play Hard? Word play? Word play.

Today’s theme is: Animal.

I had such a much needed good day yesterday.

There’s not much better than hanging around a bunch of other people who are all into the same shit you’re into. Like letterpress printing, puns, and idioms. The only thing better is not having to be around other people.

And maybe nachos and/or tacos.

And cookies. Definitely cookies.

Probably naps.

And orgasms.

And naps after orgasms.

But that’s about it.

Or at least all I can think of right this second.


I had a great day of printing. I got to wear long pants and a button up shirt for the first time in a long time without dying a little because of the weather…

September 8

If I’d been outside, I would’ve died. Taking this photo was enough to make me sweat profusely. But I spent the majority of the day safely in a climate controlled print shop.

At the end of the day I boiled the ever loving shit out of some beans. I forgot to put a pot on before the workshop. So, I did it with much hangry grumbling about there being plenty of restaurants open nearby.

Today is a day of printing. I was going to go to Fayetteville to work, but the farmer’s market is on the square, where I need to be, and as soon as the market is over the football game starts. And fuck a bunch of that traffic.

Maybe I’ll go up tomorrow.

Or one day next week when I’m actually working.

I’m going to go drink coffee now.

See ya’ Monday.

More soon. ~SC


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