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October 18, 2017 by sandwichcontrol

Are you eating while you’re on the phone with me?! It sounds like you’ve got a dick in your mouth and you’re crushing a bag of chips.

Today’s theme is: Henry.

I knew I was going to run all the errands yesterday.

And I did.

I also met up with the plumbers at my house bright and early so they could start sorting out my water pressure issue.

Guess what they found out?!

That it’s the city’s fault and the meter needs to be worked on by the city. Oh, if only the city hadn’t told me a month ago that the pressure at the meter was just fine, then I never could have hired people to dig a trench in the yard, replace a bunch of pipe, and been forced to slowly fill gallon pitchers of water to flush the toilet in the event I took a giant shit. I seriously haven’t showered at my house for a month because the pressure is so low.

Needless to say, I’m a little upset.

Fuck a bunch of that shit.

Pretty much the city forced us to pay someone to prove that there was a problem with their system. It’s a coddamn racket. And it’s bullshit.

Eazy must’ve sensed I was pissed because he just kept hopping up in my lap to try to calm me down…

October 17

He’s protecting his daddy from the people that upset me.

Today is going to be rather relaxed compared to the rest of the week. I’ve got a few errands, but mostly I’ll just be hounding the city to get my water fixed.

But first… push-ups.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    Coddamn city shenanigans.

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