Ya’ Ever Seen Reefer Madness?


October 2, 2017 by sandwichcontrol

It’s just like that, but with bees.

I’d like to begin this morning wishing a slightly tardy Happy Birthday to Furious Jessy. Her birthday was yesterday. If you didn’t get a chance to wish her a happy one yesterday, be sure to remedy that this morning.

Today’s theme is:┬áPortrait.

This weekend I did my fair share of work and relaxing.

I got my new linoleum knives in, but didn’t get to test them out…

September 30

I did get all caught up on my single issue comics. And I watched the first two episodes of the new Star Trek. Duuuuuuude.

It looks so fucking good.

I rounded out the weekend with a nice game of Bloq-a-hula because it was so nice outside. I almost forgot to wear my straw hat…

October 1

Luckily I remembered it at the last minute and I didn’t lose the match.

This is going to be a very long week. I’m still house sitting all this week and I’ll be working all this weekend, too. We’ve got a big event coming up that I’ll be helping prep for.

But I’m very much looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. So, that’ll be nice.

All right. I’d better go get this workout over with so I can get to work.

Also, take a moment to send good doogies to the Rev. Dark Wombat who leaves for the NYCC this evening. May he eat all the good foods and bring back all the treasures!!!

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


  1. Patty says:

    Please dude, where can I find the new Star Trek???

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