Creeps Eating Crepes.


December 1, 2017 by sandwichcontrol

Aka million dollar balls.

I’d like to begin this morning by wishing a very Happy Birthday to Nicky the Cook. Be sure to wish him one as well.

Today’s theme is: Speech Bubble.

Yesterday got weird.

First off, my case of hot sauce I ordered from Portland arrived…

November 30

That is what Taco Bell’s Fire Sauce™ wants to be when it grows up.

And y’all know how much I love Fire Sauce™.

Second, Taco Planet started painting the seven new Henrys. They are so amazing so far that words cannot even begin to express my giddiness.

Two words: Rainbow. Skulls.

I’m kinda disappointed in myself for it taking this long to come up with something this simple and beautiful.

I mean, dude, look at this shit…

How fucking cool is that?!

It’s a real shame I don’t get to keep any of them.

Today is going to be a full day.

Coffee with the Blacksmith.



Shopping for groceries.

And nerd time.

Plus, more fun with skulls.

Okay. I’m off to get these push-ups over with.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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