Decorating Heads.


December 9, 2017 by sandwichcontrol

You might say I’m a skull-ptor.

Today’s theme is: Studio.

Because why not?

Yesterday, Taco Planet got the final touches done on the Henrys paint job. So we lined them up…

December 8

What’s great is that I didn’t realize I was wearing my hoodie with a skull on it that says “fuckin’ rainbows”.

Apparently it’s a thing with me.

Last night I started preliminary layout on the decorations for the seven new Henrys. You might say I was skull-king around in the studio.


Not sorry.


In case you missed yesterday’s post where I discussed next year’s photo project, be sure you go check it out.

As to Don Chulius’ question, guesses may be submitted however you like. Via email at In the comments section of the photo page. Via Facebook or Facebook messenger. By writing it on a slip of paper and delivering it by pigeon. By whispering it in my ear. Whatever way rocks your butt. Correct guesses will be counted via timestamp in my local time zone. If it comes down to that.

Any other questions?

While I wait for y’all to ask questions, I’m going to go eat a lot of eggs before heading to the studio.

See ya’ on Monday.

More soon. ~SC


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