Mashed Potatoes Are Amazing.


December 19, 2017 by sandwichcontrol

Because they are potatoes. That have been mashed.

And can be covered in all sorts of things.

Today’s theme is: What’s That Smell?!

(Answer: It’s probably a fart. I had leftover red beans and rice with egg salad on wheat thins for dinner. My apologies in advance.)

Also, I’m kinda obsessed with the Super Wonder Rainbow Puzzle Ball Thingy┬« that I got at Saturday’s Grismas party…

December 18

You should buy one for yourself.

Yesterday was a long day.

I just wanted to go back to bed all day.

Teacher Sis and I had a little early Treat-Yo-Selfmas celebration for lunch. Some tacos and using our rewards credit at Sam’s Club to buy shit that we always talk about buying and never do. I finally got my Spurtles.

Today is going to be the only halfway calm day until after Grismas.

I’m going to savor it.

I’m gonna start the savoring with this cup of coffee.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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