Pressure Drop.


January 12, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

Therefore temperature drop.

It’s called Gay-Lussac’s Law.


Read a friggin’ book.

Yesterday I found a $100 LEGO set on clearance for $45. I then spent five hours building it…

Thursday, January 11

I had lots of guesses on themes yesterday.

I also had a fair share of miscommunication yesterday.

I’m a shit communicator. I’m aware. I apologize. I’m working on it.

Let me clarify something for all of you.

If you guess the theme right, you don’t win a skull. You win a prize that was donated by one of seven sponsors. Sponsors get the skulls as my thank you for being so generous with their continued support of me and my stupid website.

However, if you want me to make you a skull, I’ll gladly do it. But it isn’t going to be cheap. Because these skulls have gotten very expensive, very quickly. That’s just materials. That’s not including my time in decorating them.

So, yes, I’ll make whoever wants one a skull. Get your checkbook ready.

Today is Friday.

It is going to be action packed.

I’m having coffee with the Blacksmith. Then driving up the hill for coffee with King Dingus. Then comics, slapping J-Bird in the mouth, and checking out Zilla’s new house. Oh, and work. Can’t forget that.

I should probably go take a shower. Cod only knows the last time I took one.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


  1. Dave says:

    “Things you love”. Skull me.

  2. chuy says:

    Theme is “Danish Butt Stuff.”

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