“C” Is For Cookie.


March 3, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

And that means they’re mine.

You want some cookies?

Well go buy some.

I can’t get enough of this song…

Yesterday, as predicted, I drove all day.

And then there was innernet again.

Thank ya’ Jeezus.

And that BBQ chicken pizza hit the spot.

My doc wrote me a prescription for an EpiPen. Because bees.

I’m planning on going to see Black Panther this weekend. Come hell or high water.

I also need to work on the last two Henrys.

In case y’all didn’t notice, Old West Bobby guessed Thursday’s theme yesterday. It is “Curves”.

And then there was one.

Only Sunday left.

I’m actually really surprised no one has got it yet.

I highly doubt it’ll make it all the way through March.

But you never know.

I think I’m gonna take a break from The Sandman and reread Saga really quickly.

And by “I think I’m gonna” I mean I’ve already started. You’re just late to the party.

Man, I missed so much the first time through. All the little things littering the story that didn’t make sense and so got forgotten. It’s even better the second time around.

Now if only Jim Dale would read it to me and project the images into my brain while he read, I could just listen to it as I work. (Like I do with Harry Potter.)

Okay. I should probably get my ass in gear.

See ya’ on Monday. Right before I force myself to start working out again.

More soon. ~SC


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