Look At Her Stupid, Smiling Face.


March 21, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

No one would ever believe she was a Marine.

Apparently Spring happened yesterday.

Right on.

I spent my morning dragging my feet. I did finish the Andre the Giant graphic novel, though.

So good.

Then it was time to get my ass to work…

Tuesday, March 20

I had the other half of that box of cereal for lunch.

My mouth is shredded again.

I’m an idiot.

You know what’s really unpleasant?

Trying to eat cookies when your mouth has been shredded by Honey Oh’s.

It just sucks all the joy out of it.

I’d better get to healing so I can enjoy my nachos this weekend.

I’m going up the hill this afternoon for work.

And to celebrate the birthday eclipse with J-Bird. Because for the next few weeks we will be the same age and we use that as an excuse to buy more t-shirts.

Or so she tells me.

But I get tacos out of the deal, so you won’t hear me complain.

Before I can even think about that though, I have to go do some coddamn push-ups.


See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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