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April 16, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

No one can hear you squeal your tires.

Listen up, you bimbesses.

It’s Monday.

And I’m in no mood for your shit.

It’s early and I ate and slept like crap all weekend.

And now I have to go punish myself for my poor life choices.

On Saturday I ate lunch with my family.

And I contemplated a lot of things. Like what all these keys go to…

Saturday, April 14

I spent most of Sunday like this…

Sunday, April 15

It was the combined efforts of my headache and my mental relocation to the Lebowski Plateau that caused me to not bother getting out of sweatpants all day.

Also, West Brom won their first match this season. Against Man United. Man U obviously gave zero fucks about that game.

Also, how the fuck did I miss the Tiny Desk Concert by Cornelius?!

Coddamn that’s good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff, I can’t remember if I shared this TDC so I’m gonna share it now (again)…

Girl, I just wanna lay in ya’ hair.

Okay. Focus.

Today is Monday.

Errands day. Bone cleaning day. Hive tidy up day. Author portrait day.

Not pizza day.

Or nachos day.


See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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