The Hardest Working Mime…


April 13, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

In show business.

I fell into a time void yesterday.

It’s been a while.

So, remember me saying that it was gonna be a busy day?

Well it was.

I wasn’t wrong there.

Except that everything that I had expected to do just fell apart at the seams.

And then all sorts of weird stuff rushed in to fill the vacuum.

I know that if I were a person who counted steps during the course of a day to make sure I was getting enough exercise, I would have blown that number out of the water.

I think I walked in a field for an hour or so spreading wildflower seeds. Did I expect that to happen? Nope. Not a chance.

See what I mean?

Crazy random shit.

To be fair, if I were to guess how many wildflower seeds that I “planted” yesterday, I’d have to say well over 150, 000 seeds.

I hope they all grow.

If for no other reason than most of the seeds were “pollinator friendly” so my bees will have plenty to eat.

I think I sunburned my face a little.

When I finally got home around 5, I had intended to just take my pants off and read comics. But instead I fixed all the screens on the front windows of the house so that I can open them without the cats escaping…

Thursday, April 12

Why do I want to open the windows?

Well I don’t know if you went outside yesterday at all, but it was gross and hot. 80 degrees Fahrenheit?! Ew. No thank you.

So my house is hot. (Read “hot” as above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.) But there’s a pretty good breeze cooking right along, so the windows being open helps cool it down in here.

Someone said it was supposed to get really cold this weekend.

Oh, thank cod.

I’m ready for winter to come back already.

Today is Friday.

It’s looking like more of the same today.

I’m gonna earn my sleep-in this weekend.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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