Yard Shower.


April 17, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

It’s weirder than bone soup.


Monday was a trip.

I was all over the place.

Mentally, geographically, physically, telepathically, and any other ally you can think of.

I was in them.

Ah. I miss the Alley Cat. Anybody ever hear from her?

Well, I totally bailed on workout because I was cold and lazy and opted to “nap” until 7am.

But then I got my ass in gear and got busy.

I ran a fuckload of errands.

Then I checked on my lady bees. I’m down to one hive. Hillcrest and Pippins are empty, but Ambleside is thriving like the badass bitches they are. Today I will do my first ever hive inspection. Wish me luck. Fingers crossed. And what have you.

After checking on the bees, I did some work around the ranch before heading back to Lippincottonia to help Boo with her bones. She asked around for bones to make art with. I got her a couple of cows. Well most of a couple of cows anyway. What the coyotes didn’t scatter. Some of the meaty bits and sinew were still attached so she opted to clean them before taking them home. Probably a good call.

So we started soaking them…

Monday, April 16

After that I met up with Janie J to take a headshot of an author she is publishing. In a room of three people it is rare that I’m the least socially awkward, but it happens. That led me to believe that I need to pursue a career as a portrait photographer. Not the kind that captures you in all your beauty. No. The kind that captures you making the most weird and awkward faces. As the author I was photographing put it “Like when you pause a television show or movie and the face the actor or actress inevitably is making.”


Sandwich Control, Awkward Portrait Photographer.

I like the ring of it.

Okay, I have loads to do today.

Garages to muck out. Screws to “take care of”. Hives to inspect. Saws to help unload.

Have a bee-utiful day.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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