Carrying Your Granny Around.


May 26, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

Like a skateboard.

I’d like to begin this much-too-early post by wishing a very Happy Birthday to Great Scott. You should too.

Last night Jitterbug and I took her cupcakes for an early birthday surprise. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Yesterday was a series of dick jammings.

It all started when I woke up.

That was my first mistake.

Because my legs were wrecked and I should’ve just gone right back to sleep instead of going to workout.

But I didn’t.

After workout, breakfast, and showering, since I was a little ahead of schedule, I took a nap. Which was an excellent decision.

Then I went to work.

I should’ve known at the first snag that all day was gonna just go sideways.

My quick trip up the hill first thing got delayed. So I did all of my other work.

Why was it delayed?

Because I needed a piece of paper I couldn’t get.

To get a car that didn’t have a key.

That needed to be towed.

To Tulsa.

To a repair shop that wouldn’t answer the phone.


Oh, yes. There’s more.

Then I had to go to a marina in the middle of nowhere.

And find a dock I didn’t know where was.

Find a boat I had never seen.

That was nearly of of reach.

And put stickers on it.

As neatly as possible.

In the wind.

You know that marinas and docks are like my living nightmares, right?

Okay good.

Now imagine me sweating and hanging off a dock pole with one hand while my other hand carefully places stickers on a curved surface as a storm is blowing in.

Needless to say that I didn’t drive all the way back to town just to turn around and drive right back up the hill.

So, since I had planned on a return trip, I had nothing with me. No camera. No Jitterbug. No cupcakes for Great Scott.

Only a jug of water.

Weirdly enough, it wasn’t a bad day. Just a day that went extremely against the way I had planned it.

Once I finished my work, I found a cupcake shop while Jitterbug drove up to meet me. We ate tacos and then headed to meet up with Great Scott.

The photoshoot went amazing!!!

And G.S. bailed me out since I didn’t have my rig and let me use hers…

Friday, May 25

What you can’t see is all the silver paint I dumped on Jitterbug’s head. For art.

Then we drove home.

I got home late.

And then had to do all the stuff I didn’t do because I was gone all day.

I crashed hard.

And now I’m awake again.

So I can go run.

I’m going to eat all the food today and read all the comics and take all the naps. I might even take myself to the movies.

Tomorrow it’s back to work.

See ya’ on Monday.

More soon. ~SC


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