Planning On Making Witty Titles With Puns About Noses.


May 3, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

But failing to get a decent photo of your schnoz. 

One day. One day.

Do you ever get an itch in a place that is impossible to scratch?

I got one yesterday.

Pretty much the point where the arch meets the ball of my foot. But on the inside. The inside of my foot, I mean.

You try to scratch it, but you can’t get in there. And it’s also kinda ticklish. So you end up rubbing it really hard against weird shit in your house like the edge of the mattress or an arm of a chair.

But nothing really satisfies that urge.

After failing to get a shot of my proboscis that pleased me, I took a photo of the itch that I couldn’t scratch…

Wednesday, May 02

In a way, I kinda swapped one itch that I couldn’t scratch for another.


Yesterday was really long.

I started sweating around 5:45am and didn’t stop until nearly 4:30pm.

It was so stupid.

I’m over the hot weather already.

Unfortunately, it’s not done with me.

Well it looks like rain is supposed to happen all day today. Goodie.

Add some mugginess to the heat wave.

And on my busy day no less.


All right. I’m going to attempt to get my brain right before heading out into the deluge.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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