The Chicken Didn’t Make it.


May 25, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

And the lamb will pay the price for it.

I mean I had planned on dumping a shit load of chicken into the slow cooker and drowning it in pesto. But all the chicken had gone off, so I put a leg of lamb in in it’s place.

My house smells amazing right now.

Yesterday was crazier than I had anticipated.

I had a small break in between my bank run/work-work and home-work. So I opted to start mowing the grass before it rained.

I got a little done and then it rained. For like 15 minutes. Which was the weather equivalent of giving me the finger. I mean the rain has stopped, but I couldn’t go back to mowing because everything was soaked. What an asshole.

Then work-work happened again.

And in the midst of that the new bees arrived. No warning from the people I ordered them from. No heads up from UPS. They just showed up. And no one was around of course. Luckily my boss found them before anything happened to them. Because the UPS person just left them hanging out on the doorstep.

So I dropped everything else and transplanted the new bees into Hillcrest. It is no longer vacant. Pippins is the only hive still empty.

The new queen seems pretty spunky. I haven’t quite named her yet, but I’ll have something solid very soon.

Then I finally came back home and ate something.

I plugged my phone in to charge and as I did I checked my health stats. I had already walked 12,612 steps/4.9 miles (7.9km) and climbed 16 floors worth of stairs.

That was about two hours before my run…

Thursday, May 24

So, needless to say I was tired when I finally made it home.

I crashed HARD.

But no rest for the exhausted.

I’m up early to do another workout.

Then I’m going up the hill for work.

Before I go to my actual Friday work.

Then I’m going back up the hill this evening to help out with a photoshoot with Jitterbug and Great Scott.

Probably gonna be a late night.

And an early morning again tomorrow.

Because running ruins everything.

After that I’m eating a whole pizza. Or four.

And reading comics.

And sleeping in on Sunday.

Come hell or high water.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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