May 9, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

Is marching on.


Is still marching on.

Y’all hear that a new Bill & Ted movie is finally being made?


Yesterday was a day I just couldn’t get the lead out.

I napped in the morning.

I worked a little.

Then I had to nap again.

I did do my hive inspection though.

Those little ladies have been kicking much ass at the making a great and productive hive business. There’s already capped honey. Yeah. Crazy talk.

They’re doing so great I went ahead and added a honey super on to keep them from getting too excited and swarming.

I also got stung again. Through my glove this time. Right in between my fingers. That wasn’t inconvenient at all.

All that outside time got my sinuses a little pissed at me. I don’t have allergies, but when you get a face full of tree sperm, you’re gonna have a reaction. The same reason I carry an epipen when I’m out with the bees. I’m not allergic, but if you get stung by enough bees you’ll still go into shock.

Anyway, the sinus headache I got from all the pollen that got blasted all over me like I was Tori Black sent me off to take my afternoon nap.

After my second nap of the day I puttered around the house and got little things done.

Then I read comics. Because I have comics that need reading.

Then I spent a little time confusing the cats. It’s important in your busy life to make some time to confuse your cats…

Tuesday, May 08

Today is Wednesday.

It’s going to be a busy day.

Double workout this morning. Trip up the hill for work. Errands. Drive back. Errands. Talk to the bees. Housework. Possibly dinner and stories with the Rev. Dark Wombat.

Loads to do.

I’d better get to it.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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