Wandering Around Deliriously.


May 7, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

Singing the wrong words to “Birdhouse In Your Soul“.

That’s how I ended my weekend.

But let’s back up to how I started it.

Friday night was pretty low key.

I woke up late Saturday morning and ate a huge breakfast to hold me off until the crawfish boil that evening.

I totally dropped the ball on Free Comic Book Day. Luckily I’ve made friends with the folks at Rock Bottom Books and they were able to pull some books for me and J-Bird was kind enough to go grab them for me.

I started working around the house after I got that sorted out. Sinking my teeth into the list of lists.

I cleared a bunch of stuff out from around the entryway. Then I turned my attention to the lawnmower. After messing with it for a while I realized that I’ll have to have someone who knows what the fuck they are doing take a look at it. So I pushed plans ahead a little bit and went ahead and bought a second mower. I was planning on doing it eventually, but that timeframe got bumped up.

Then I mowed down by the street. Because that’s what people can see.

I guess I lost track of time because I finished mowing and had time to cool down and change clothes before I had to run off to the boil.

Where I feasted…

Saturday, May 05

I am so thankful to be invited to this every year.

I slept in on Sunday and after breaking my fast, I hit the ground running. I spent the day doing laundry and mowing.

I got the two back yards mowed and five loads of laundry done.

It was only after I finished did I realize that I had mowed for nearly five hours. And subsequently I had been in the sun for nearly five hours.

I wrecked myself. Sunburned and worn the fuck out…

Sunday, May 06

But I’ll be damned if the back yard doesn’t look amazing.

Now to just start trimming up the trees and bushes and it might look like a civilized kingdom for a change.

Today I’ve got to go back up to northwest Arkansas to pick up the show of prints I hung last week. Then return all the prints to the office and hang them back where they go. I’ll probably go vote, too.

I also need to do my normal Monday errands and whatnot.

Oh! I might swing by and grab my free comics from J-Bird while I’m up the hill.

I like this plan.

All right. I’ve got to go punch today in the cunt.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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