You’re a Homo…


May 15, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

Phone to your.


They’re homophones.


Read a book.

Happy Ramadan. For those of you that believe in things.

I mean, I believe in things.

Like that they just keep making more comics.

It’s not faith based. It’s empirically based.

They also keep making comics into television shows.

Like this one…

I’m pretty stoked about it. Deadly Class is a great comic.

While I was down the YouTube rabbit hole, I found this which looks amazing as well…

Yesterday was a pretty long day.

I got up early.

I worked out.

I napped.

I worked all day.

It was very, very hot outside. I finally transitioned from my rest-of-the-year clothes to my summer wear…

Monday, May 14

You better believe I’m gonna be rocking those shorts all summer.

I’m working on putting together an official Lippincottonia athletic uniform. I’m still searching for a reliable source, but hit me up if you’re interested and that’ll help me know how many I need to be working on.

After I changed clothes, I went for a run with Jitterbug.

Because I needed a second workout in my day.

Like I need an asshole on my elbow.

But I agreed to run with her. So I sucked it up and did it.

Then I went the fuck to sleep.

Today is Tuesday.

I don’t have a whole lot on my list for today, but just enough to keep me from napping in the hammock all day.

Just a few things sprinkled throughout my day at the perfect intervals so that I can’t really sit down long enough to nod off.

I guess I should get started on them.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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    I’m interesred.

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