Cold Milk.


June 19, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

And a warm cookie.

This post is about ponies.


You really thought it was about ponies?


Of course it isn’t about ponies.

It’s about how I want to eat cookies and don’t.

I eat fruit instead.

And it’s fucking stupid.

So, I bought a $275 motorized drain auger to work on my sink.

And the cable snake death whip that goes down the drain broke off in two places.

Drain: 4

Me: 0

After breathing sewer gas for about two hours yesterday, I found myself staring at a barrel for no reason…

Monday, June 18

My arm looks great though.

I slept badly last night.

And now I’m up early to go run.

Which is stupid.

Well both of them are stupid. The being up early and the running.

If I actually go for a run today I get to treat myself to some complex carbohydrates and sugars.

Maybe I’ll get some cookie cake.

Or maybe I’ll just have cookies and milk.

Whatever I decide to eat, cookies will be involved.

I may take a nap too.

I’ve earned it.

Or I will have after I go on this stupid run.

Ugh. Fine.

I’m going.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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