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June 30, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

Goes to Titsville.

The concert in Tulsa Thursday night was amazing.

Shakey Graves rocked our faces off and set the world to spinning in the other direction…

Thursday, June 28

And there was fish-n-chips, too.

We treated ourselves to a lie-in Friday morning and got back to town around noon. We rolled out of Tulsa in style…

Friday, June 29

And that was the last time I was anywhere near stylish for the remainder of the day.

I dropped Jitterbug off at home as soon as we got back to town and then I went straight to work.

I proceeded to kick the fucking shit out of the day.

I sorted out paperwork.

I dealt with my paycheck.

I gathered supplies for the upcoming drive to Maine.

I carried roughly 1000 pounds of rocks.

I ate a pizza.

Today I was gonna have coffee with the Blacksmith this morning, but life interrupted our plans. So it goes.

I don’t really mind, though.

It allowed me to sleep in a bit.

Before I have to go to work all day.

I’ve got to head up the hill for a bit. When I get back I’ve gotta sort out last minute logistics for the trip.

And I need to do laundry and pack.

And I need to pay bills.

And I probably need to eat something green to help move that pizza along through my GI tract.

All right. I’m gonna get to it.

Keep an eye on the social media for updates about my whereabouts.

I’ll see ya’ when I get back.

More soon. ~SC


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