Ice-T Is Both Alphanumerical.


June 8, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

And physical/metaphysical.

I told my doctor yesterday that I’d rather be filled with rage and sleep well at night than be a sociopath with no drive who has trouble sleeping.

Because rage gets things done.

And getting things done makes me sleep better.

That being said, I wore myself out yesterday…

Thursday, June 07

I went pretty non-stop for about twelve hours.

I ran all the errands.

I murdered the fuck out of a holly tree/bush.

I checked off everything on my list and then some.

And I totally cleared 11,000 steps.

This week just keeps ramping up.

Today is when the real shit starts to happen. Everything else has been prep work for the next 48 hours of chaos.

Am I ready for this?

What my mouth says: “YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!”

What my brain says: (shrugs) “Yeah. I guess so.”

I just know that I should probably eat a salad or four for dinner.

Because I’m a good boy.

Will I?

Probably not.

Because I’m actually not a good boy. I’m a tired boy who will probably eat whatever is most convenient.

Hopefully it’s a pizza. And then I’ll just call it a salad because I can call things whatever I want because I’m an adult and adults get to do things like that.


And stop judging me.

Pickled okra sounds good.

Mmm… okra…

I should probably wake up enough to drive to workout now.

Wish me luck.

With the salad (pizza).

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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