June 23, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

And the Fibonachos.

Feeding hungry minds since 570BCE.

Hey we made it to the weekend.

It got pretty iffy there for a minute.

I started thinking this week would never end.

But it did.


Tonight Great Scott is having her art show up in Bentonville. (The one where she painted my dumb face and bunch of other people’s less dumb faces and photographed them. That art show.) It goes from 5-6:30pm in the Story Gallery of Grace Point Church. If you’re free and up in that neck of the woods, you should make it a point to go check it out.

Before I head up to the show, I’m going to putter around the house for a while. Probably throw a bunch of stuff away.

I should shower too.

If only I could remember the last time I did that.

Yesterday was one of those days where I expected to be busy and run around like a crazy person, but then didn’t.

So I worked on the painting for Ms. Perkins some more…

Friday, June 22

I cooled the studio down this time so I could actually work out there.

I felt good to have an art project again.

I need to do more of that.

I called it an early night so that I could sleep in and get all the sleeping done.

It was so nice.

All right.

I’m gonna go eat a big breakfast and then get to work.

See ya’ Monday.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Leon Sphinx says:

    Great friggin title. I literally snorted it was so good.

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