Slimmer Thunk?


June 25, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

Nah. Sky as well donkey.

Ah. Okay.

I’d like to begin this morning by wishing a very Happy Birthday to D-Man whose birthday was yesterday and to Karolina Djembalaya whose birthday is today. Wish them a happy one as well, if you feel up to it.

I can totally relate if you don’t feel up to the task.

I can barely make myself do anything this morning.

This was a good weekend.

Saturday I slept in.

And then spent the whole morning rushing around trying to get everything done so I could go to Great Scott’s art show with Jitterbug and Little Miss Cotton.

We had a blast…

Saturday, June 23

The show was amazing. I’m so very proud of Great Scott and incredibly honored to have been able to a part of the project.

Sunday was a surprise work-work day. It wasn’t too bad because I got most everything done before the rain came down in buckets.

I rounded the day out with my third session of work on the painting for Ms. Perkins…

Sunday, June 24

Just a few more touches and a title and it’ll be ready to hang.

Today is Monday.

And it’s going to be a manic one.

Another one, that is.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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