July 14, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

Preferably chewy and/or crunchy.

So remember me saying that this month was gonna be crazy and that posts would be sporadic?

Well I meant it.

I’m off to Maine again for work.

I’ll be back at some point.

Before I head off to New England again, I’ll recap my day yesterday and tell you what I’ve got on the menu for today.

Yesterday was jam packed.

I ran errands.

I had coffee with the Blacksmith.

I ran errands.

I met with the TSA.

I ran errands.

I did a lot of back and forth about work stuff.

I got hangry.

I got artsy…

Friday, July 13

Today I have to mow my fucking grass. Because it’s stupid tall and not gonna die any time soon.

I’m hoping to have lunch with Teacher Sis today as well. Between our mutual travels we haven’t seen each other in a while. Tacos are called for.

I also need to prepare for this trip.

Laundry needs doing and bags need packing.

I need to batten down the hatches before I head off into the wild blue yonder.

So much to do and it’s miserable outside.

See ya’ when I get back.

More soon. ~SC


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