July 12, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

Versus grass eating rabbits.

Yesterday was another busy day.

I didn’t wreck myself though.

I didn’t feel much like dying, so I eased up a little.

Just a little.

After going hard for two straight days my legs were appreciative of my relaxed approach to the day…

Wednesday, July 11

But I didn’t give them too much of a rest.

I am a busy man after all. I just didn’t make them run or swim or do a bunch of squats.

I made them drive a lot though.

Errands upon errands.

And it was a good comic book day too.

I missed last week because I was out of town, so I had two weeks worth.

So many comics to read now.

I had better get a move on because the Steve Lichman books that I helped Kickstart should be arriving any time now. And I want to be able to give them my full attention when they arrive.

I’ve been waiting on these books for almost a year now. They were supposed to ship late summer of last year. And they’ve hit every road bump from here to China.

Last I heard they were in Baltimore getting ready for distribution. That was three days ago.

Fingers crossed that they get here in the next few days.

But in the mean time. I have comics to read and work to do.

I also get to go to the dentist today!

I can’t wait for my teeth to feel all clean and shiny.

I have much to accomplish before my appointment.

I must away!

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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