Piloting an Enormous Robot.


August 2, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

With your gigantic robot.

The days just keep getting stranger.

I was going to get ordained as a minister, but I realized I’ve been ordained for three and a half years.


Well, I sent off for my official paperwork so that I can submit it to the Parish of Orleans and they will acknowledge me as a real boy.

I told you, Papa. One day I’d be a real boy!

Once I get my paperwork back from the state of Louisiana I’ll get everything squared away here at home so I can start hitching people ’round these parts.

What else did I do yesterday?

I got paid.

I gave all my money to my bill collectors.

I booked a hotel for after the Slayer concert in a couple of weeks.

And I worked.

A lot.

My hands were tired by the end of the day…

Wednesday, August 01

The one really amazing thing about this week is that my Thursdays will finally return to their regularly scheduled programming.

I’m about to be busy as fuck.

I’m going to go gather my thoughts and drink coffee before I step headlong into the fray.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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