Shift the Script.


August 9, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

And gimme your eggs.

Yesterday was a lot more relaxed than I had anticipated.

My run didn’t happen so I read comics.

Work was a breeze.

I ran some errands at my leisure.

The day was overcast and rainy so it wasn’t miserably hot.

I finished watching Gurren Lagann with the Rev. Dark Wombat.

We got done with that pretty early, so I went back to reading comics…

Wednesday, August 08

Today is going to be a different story.

It’s Thursday. My busy day.

I’m about to run to the bank for Jesus.

Then I’ve got a lot of errands to run.

I’m hoping to squeeze a nap in early this afternoon.

After that I’m supposed to run with Jitterbug.

Tomorrow I’m going to be working all day. I should have a couple of interns with me, but more on that then.

On that note, I should get a move on.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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