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August 15, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

You’re like my dead parents’s house?


Monday was crazy.

It rained a lot.

Or at least thought about raining a lot…

Monday, August 13

Dave and I went to see SLAYER.

Sort of.

Let me first just say that the Walmart AMP is not the ideal place to see metal bands. They are way too controlling for the likes of the metal militia. They tried to enforce their “No Moshing” rule. It was dumb.

We hung out at the show for the first three bands: Napalm Death, Testament, and Anthrax.

At which point the crowd was way too drunk for 7pm, Dave’s anti-authority tendencies were starting to get aroused, and I was getting a fucking headache from the barometric pressure shift caused by the incoming storms.

So we left.

And went back to the hotel. Where we realized the sound quality was vastly superior to that inside the AMP.

We went and picked up some wings for our greasy dinner and sat on the hotel’s patio and enjoyed the rest of the concert at our leisure.

We finished SLAYER’s set up in our room. We could see the stage and the big screens from our window and the sound was so clear I could hear the music perfectly while taking a shit in our bathroom with the door closed.

So we got to hangout and mosh to our heart’s content in the privacy of our hotel room while the rest of the crowd got torrentially rained on.

We had a blast.

It was nice to have a little best friend time…

Tuesday, August 14

We got back to town around 10:45am on Tuesday and headed our separate ways back to our jobs.

I napped and ran errands.

I rounded out the day with a workout with Jitterbug.

After a couple of days of crap food and half-assed workouts, I needed it.

Just like I need to get to workout now.

I’m heading up the hill for work today and having dinner and story time with the Rev. Dark Wombat this evening.

All right.

Time for push-ups.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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