Jamming Your Humidity…


September 22, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

Into someone’s lungs.

Happy Autumn. Finally.

Nothing went the way I planned it yesterday.

Which reminds me of this…

I did get all my single issue comics read though.

And I spent a lot of time reading Lethal White.

By “a lot”, I mean I got to read for 5 minutes multiple times throughout the day.

I may have cleared the 100 page mark.



I did get the quote back from the computer place on the repair cost for my big computer. Let’s just say that if you owe me money, now would be a great time to start paying me back.

I had intended on working out in the shipping room and carport today.

Which I may still do.

But this rainy weather has me in the napping mindset.

This evening I’m getting a massage and then having dinner with Jitterbug and the girls.

Tomorrow is an unknown quantity at this point.

See ya’ on Monday.


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