White Noise.


October 13, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

The most privileged of noises.

Yesterday got weird.

Really quickly.

First off, as you may have noticed, I didn’t make the post until 9am.

That’s because my body mutinied and turned off/slept through ALL of my alarms.



Part of that was Kingston’s fault.

He decided to brush his whiskers across my face every fews hours as I slept.

Which woke me up every few hours.

When the whiskers stopped working, he started to lightly touch my face with his paw. Then slowly extend his claws into my face meats.

And it was cloudy, cool, and rainy outside.

And I’ve got the mucosal crud.

All combined, I woke up a few minutes before 9.

Which totally boned me.

Because then I got to spend my morning hauling ass to get things done before I had to leave to drive back up the hill to get my car worked on…

Friday, October 12

It’s all better now.

Plus I got to sit and read for a bit.

I’ve broken the 200 page mark in Lethal White.

Then it was back home.

I rounded the night out in sweatpants with boneless buffalo wings, decaf coffee, and comics.

It was amazing.

Today I’m getting around at my leisure.

This evening I’ve got a fancy dinner to go to, so I’ll have to get my ass in gear at some point so I can be presentable.

But until then, I’m gonna enjoy this quiet morning, this cup of coffee, and Lethal White.

See ya’ on Monday.

More soon. ~SC

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