Love Is a Ball-Punch To the Heart.


November 5, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

So be sure to put your partner’s whole mouth into your mouth.

How else will they know you really love them?

Be sure to remember, remember this fifth of November by lighting a bonfire this evening.

What a weekend.

I didn’t really have any concrete plans on Saturday. #poorstanley spent the day with the kiddos, so Jitterbug and I had a day to ourselves.

We are planners.

So not having a plan for the day was dumb.

But she watched me organize all of my comics, so that was kinda hot.

Mostly we just laid around the house…

Saturday, November 03

And we made a lot of sandwiches for National Sandwich Day.

On Sunday we made up for our lazy Saturday.

I hit the ground running by fixing the front fence, clearing the driveway of leaves, and doing laundry.

Then we got to work on cleaning up the backyard some more. I cleared brush and burned it while she cleared the entire courtyard just inside the gate. It looks crazy to be so cleared out.

I wore myself out…

Sunday, November 04

Oh and a fun thing happened when I was raking the driveway off. The rake handle snapped in half and sucker punched me in the jaw. It’s a little swollen and there’s a little bruise there. I keep forgetting about it until I go to eat something. Then it quickly reminds me of how dumb I am.

The time change is boning me, so I went to bed early and am now up early to continue exhausting myself.

If I don’t talk myself out of doing these push-ups and talk myself back into bed.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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