The More Things Small Change…


November 30, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

The more things dollar dollar bill, y’all.

I Grismassed hard yesterday.

I wrapped some presents for the few people not getting pickles or bread.

I climbed up in Word to Me/Big D’s attic to retrieve two old Grismas trees they don’t use any more.

Which brings our tree count in Lippincottonia up to four for the moment.

While I was there, WtM gave me this gem…

Thursday, November 29

Then I went over to Jitterbug’s and drug her Grismas stuff out of the attic.

So many attics.

Then I settled in to read comics while people decorated.

I’m the muscle. My job here is done.

Today is Friday.

Another busy day ahead of me.

I should be able to get done early enough with work so I can finish wrapping presents before I am needed elsewhere.

If I go do this workout, I get to treat myself to a whole pizza for being such a hard worker.



Kettlebells here I come.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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