His Hammy Down Food.


December 6, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

And his hammy down clothes.

I started listening to the Beastie Boys (audio)Book yesterday.

I nearly cried a half dozen times.

In the intro.

Because MCA.

Yesterday was a whirlwind.

Wednesdays are usually busy.

They’re not usually THAT busy.

But it was good.

I did all the things.

I saw all the people.

My nurse at the doctor’s office asked about my tattoo as I was pulling up my sleeve to get my blood pressure taken. I realized she may have mistaken it first for a face of some kind…

Wednesday, December 05

Me explaining that it was a bag of baboon eyes dripping sauce didn’t make her any less confused.

The Rev. Dark Wombat and I finally finished the newest season of Daredevil. Headache be damned.

Now we can start working on the new season of the Venture Bros.

I rounded the evening out by reading the Odyssey and brainstorming about contests for next year.

Now it is time for me to begin my Thursday.

Which is looking to be just as busy and hectic as my Wednesday was.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    Hahaha FINALLY you had to explain the tattoo to someone who didnt know you. I feel validated.

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