I Could Prank a Freak In His Sleep.


December 10, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

Then I’d have to sing on a pillow.

What a weird weekend.

I spent most of Saturday judging people…

Saturday, December 08

Then I stayed up really late playing my favorite old people card games with Jitterbug and Mr. Boobodie.

Sunday was a day of house work.

I also made my first test batch of brown bread.

It’s so dense.

I rounded out the day by doing homework with the boys…

Sunday, December 09

I chased that with some comics before bed. I was wiped out after a low weekend of doing stuff and standing and people.

Today is Monday and it’s going to be a busy one.

I’ve work errands followed by a meeting with the boss.

Then another meeting for work immediately after that.

Then more work errands.

I need to go get sweaty and shower.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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