That’s Not Karma.


December 3, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

That’s magma.

Yesterday was Prop Ninja’s birthday.

I hope she had a good one.

Saturday was a lot of running around.

I puttered around the house quite a bit, too.

I paid my bills and bought groceries.

Jitterbug and the kiddos came over in the evening and we played cards until bedtime.

Oh, and there was a chocolate cake…

Saturday, December 01

Sunday was a home work day.

I worked on the photo shoots for next year while my clothes were washing.

Then I celebrated Grunge Day mildly a little while and then headed to Beatle Sue and Stan Stan the Rock Man’s house to climb on the roof to hang Grismas lights.

It was a good thing I wore my ninja socks.

Then Jitterbug and the kiddos came back to my house and we ate spaghetti and barbecue chicken.

At some point when I was cleaning up the kitchen, one of my socks got wet. So, I had to walk around as Ol’ Three Toe Joe while my sock dried…

Sunday, December 02

I rounded the night out with comics.

And maybe some more of that cake.

Today is Monday.

It is time to do the normal shit I do on Mondays.

But with more people everywhere. And all of them in the “holiday spirit”.


Well, I’m gonna go pump some iron before I face off with the general public.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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