Brainstorming How To Run a Bar Through My Head.


January 7, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

And mount it to a cloud.

Happy Bobblehead Day!

I can guarantee you won’t celebrate as grandly as I do…

January 07 – Bobblehead Day

Yes, that is in fact a giant foam version of my head. That I’m wearing on my real head.

I want to send a thank you as big as my foam head out to Dave, Little Miss Cotton, Jitterbug, and all the kiddos for making that idea become a reality.

A reality that is currently sitting in my dining room until I can figure out what the fuck I’m gonna do with it.

So yesterday while Dave was finishing up my giant head, Jitterbug and the kiddos took down the Grismas decorations. I busied myself with clearing out a bunch of the old office stuff and moving it, and the Grismas decorations, out into storage. And then I made a pot of beans with cornbread for dinner in celebration of Bean Day.

Today is Monday. For real this time. The past couple of Mondays haven’t been real Mondays.

Today it’s for real Monday. Maybe I can get back into a normal routine again.

Fingers crossed.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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