Somebody Feed That Good Boy a Biscuit.


February 25, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

And somebody feed this good boy a cookie.

Happy Let’s All Eat Right Day!

February 25 – Let’s All Eat Right Day

We are starting out this week strong.

We worked out this morning.

It was just as dumb as I remember it being.

Today also marks the beginning of our weekly menu for dinners.

I got tired of not knowing what the fuck we were having for dinner every single day. So I called a family meeting and proposed a menu.

We all collectively designed it, so no one can complain that they don’t like something that I make. Because they had to vote on it.

And if someone complains, they get a punch in the face with a carp.

A greasy one.

I’m tired of feeling like crap.

Not tired enough of it to stop eating cookies and donuts and pie and cake.

But enough to eat other things that are good for me and to workout.

Life will be much easier with a plan.


That’s how anxiety works. I’m fairly certain it is anyway.

What do I know?

Samoas are fucking delicious.

That’s what I know.

I remember when I could open a box of Girl Scout cookies and eat a couple and then put them away.

Those days are long gone.

So I’m going to go attempt to not eat the seven boxes of cookies I bought from HayHay.

I’m dumb.

I’ll be fine if I make myself start with the Trefoils and work my way through the rest. That’ll definitely slow me down.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. James Gilliland says:

    No bday wishes? Criminy. Stress eating here I come.

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