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March 20, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

Sorry Michael.

I’d like to start this morning off by wishing a very Happy Birthday to Mr. Boobodie. Be sure to wish him a happy one today as well.

And Happy Ravioli Day!

March 20 – Ravioli Day

Family size, huh?

Oh Giovanni. You’re so silly.

A family of just me perhaps.

Yesterday was a long day.

I started with a workout, breakfast, and a nap.

Then I got to work.

I did a ton of little things around the house before having lunch with Jitterbug.

I spent the afternoon running errands.

After work, Jitterbug and I went to a class on CBD oils.

It was pretty great to have a lot of the misconceptions cleared up about it.

But the most amazing part of the class was this dude who showed up late. Because he got high.

How do I know he got high before coming to the class?

Because he told the class.

Very loudly.

He then proceeded to be the Rodney Dangerfield in “Back to School” of our weed oil class.

In addition to constantly interrupting the teacher, unsolicitedly saying some weird shit about accepting this other dude’s sexuality even though he was a christian, rubbing CBD salve all over his whole head, reanswering the aforementioned other dude’s question 15 minutes after the teacher had already answered it, and having disgusting bare Hobbit feet, he also said a lot of really amazing batshit crazy stuff.

And I’ll paraphrase a few here.

  1. Since having the non malignant tumor in his right frontal cortex injected with CBD, he has a lot more electricity in his body. (Which subsequently led to him having to exit the room because his electricity combined with that in the room was overwhelming him.)
  2. He was thinking about what the teacher was saying utilizing both halves of his brain. Also, because of the tumor in his right frontal cortex.
  3. His electrical sensitivity was particularly acute last night because of the full moon.
  4. (Upon returning to the room from outside.) If anyone is allergic to cat dander, they probably shouldn’t touch him.

Yes. Because we were all planning on touching the random crazy motherfucker with the gross feet and the weed salve covered head. The cat dander is what stopped us.

I really hope that guy was a performance artist and we were just part of his act.

That was definitely the high point of the night. If you will.

Today is Wednesday.

I’m gonna buy the shit outta some comics today.

Tonight I’m gonna run a game of Honey Heist for Mr. Boobodie and his friends as my birthday present for him.

Wish them luck. Mwhahahahha…

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


  1. Dave says:

    He’s the “I’m a wizuurd” guy of the new millennium.

  2. Tammy J Fujibayashi says:

    I am pretty sure even snake oil would not be able to touch that one.

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