Heading To the Western Fartlands.


March 29, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

Where everything comes out the opposite end.

Today is…


My birthday.

That’s the holiday for today.

March 29 – My Birthday

I live in a house full of people that LOVE birthdays.

They also LOVE torturing me with my birthday.

I have no idea what that giant blue disk is, but I hope it’s a 43 inch fancy purple dildo sword wrapped in an Adidas tracksuit stuffed inside a steel drum.

Then all I’ll need is a life size portrait of O.D.B. in gold and diamonds as a medallion on a big-ass dookie chain to complete the ensemble.

Oh, and a meat cleaver.

Yesterday was a good day.

Nothing major happened. I just got a lot done.

The highpoint of my getting stuff done was helping set up for the LOLA/Hubbard pop-up shop on the first floor of the Propak building downtown.

The shop will be open today and all weekend. You should go by and give them your money.

Today is Friday.

I have loads to do today.

But the first thing on my list is a long overdue coffee session with the Blacksmith.

Then work errands and ranch work.

Maybe some work at Jitterbug’s old house.

And hopefully rounding the evening out with comics and coffee.

I’m hoping to start photoshoots for the collaboration project with Bad News, Kathy this weekend. I borrowed a light from J-Bird and I’ve got to return it next week, so I’ve got to make hay when the sun is shining or whatever.

Other than photoshoots, I don’t have much on my list this weekend.

Thank cod.

All right, I’m off to get a free cup of coffee for my birthday.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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