When The Pantyhose Hit the Water.


March 10, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

Whoa. Like magic.

If only those were pantyhose.

Happy Mario Day!

March 10 – Mario Day

I had a great time at the workshop yesterday.

We got to learn papermaking from Jo Stealey.

She’s a fucking badass.

I made so much fucking paper.

It was awesome.

I’ll be drying and flattening it today.

I was gonna do it last night, but I was exhausted from the workshop.

So I ate dinner and snuggled up to Jitterbug and read comics instead.

Today is a day of drying paper. A day of meal prep. A day of reading comics.

Maybe stories with the Rev. Dark Wombat, too.

I’m gonna go enjoy a little quiet time before I get to work.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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