You Know It’s a Good Workout When…


March 13, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

Even your eyelids are heavy after it.

Happy Open an Umbrella Indoors Day!

March 13 – Open an Umbrella Indoors Day

Make your own luck today.

I was tired yesterday.

So tired in fact, that I after I dropped Taco Planet off at work to help him avoid a rainy bike ride, I napped for two hours.

Two hours of glorious thunderstorming nap.

It was amazing.

I mean it didn’t even begin to touch the negative balance I have in my sleep account, but it was still really nice and much needed.

I didn’t do fuck all the rest of the day either.

I mean I did stuff, just at a leisurely pace.

Oh, if you missed my note on the Facebook yesterday about it, I am in needed of models for a project I’m doing with Bad News, Kathy. We will be shooting headshots for this phase of the project. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll set something up.

I didn’t even really read comics yesterday.

I really did mostly rest all day.

Today is not a day of rest.

Today is a day of hustling.

Which begins right after I finish this cup of coffee.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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