Egg Salad.


April 21, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

With tuna.

Happy Pagan Easter!

April 21 – Pagan Easter

Yesterday was a very long and good day.

We got up and around at our leisure before hitting the road to go to Crystal Bridges.

Teacher Sis and Bethy met us up there and we all went to see the Men of Steel and Women of Wonder exhibit. Which was amazing.

Then we met up with Prop Ninja, Zab’z, and Bubba Fett for pizza lunch.

Then back home for a fuckload of yard work.

We have all the privet from the studio to the trampoline, on this side of the creek, cleared and burned.

Goddess be praised.

The yard just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s awesome.

Today is Easter.

We have so much to do today.

I’ve got to go help Jitterbug hide about 3000 eggs for the kids at her church.

Then I’ve got to meal prep for work before heading back to the church to keep kids from getting a head start on the egg hunt.

Then easter lunch with Teacher Sis and then easter dinner at Beatle Sue and Stan Stan the Rockman’s.

Then normal Sunday wrap up stuff in prep of the upcoming week.

Hopefully I’ll be able to sneak a little comicbook time in.

All right. Time to get to it.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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