Getting Time Crystalled.


April 18, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

By a Terran that wants to make you legless.

Terran yo’ damn legs off.

Happy High Five Day!

April 18 – High Five Day

Yesterday was a super productive day.

I worked around the house on a bunch of little projects, for home and work, most of the morning.

I think I fixed the leaf blower for work.

I got the kids’ play fort put together.

I put a curtain up in the bathroom.

Lots of little shit like that.

Then I spent most of my lunch break with Jitterbug trying to get Goo Goo out of the neighbor’s backyard while getting their dogs back out of ours.

In inappropriate shoes, of course.

Then I went up the hill and did a bunch of work and got comics.

Once I got back to town, I met up with the Rev. Dark Wombat for stories and dinner.

Then I showered and put together the bags and boards that I had picked when I got comics.

I had run out.

Then we just had a quiet night waiting on the storm to roll in.

Both the literal and figurative.

Today is Thursday.

My crazy day.

And apparently a rainy one to boot.


Feel free to send me coffee. Half caff, dark roast, with cream and sugar. Thanks.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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