April 14, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

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Happy Gardening Day!

April 14 – Gardening Day

Yesterday was awesome.

It was cold in the house because we cracked the windows and the cool breeze came in.

It rained all day.

The realest pants I put on had drawstrings.

I read the first two issues of the Nib, the rest of my new single issues, and the last of Cowboy Ninja Viking.

I also organized, bagged, boarded, and boxed my stack of new single issues.

We all just had a lazy day around the house ignoring each other in the most happy and loving ways possible.

It was a much needed day off for everybody.

Today it’s back to it though.

I’ve got some meal prep to do and then Lord Steel Bear and I are going to work on fixing the part of the yard where the mail person drives over the grass and has created a hot mess of mud and gravel.

So I have to put on real pants and shoes.

Yesterday made it totally worth it.

But before I do anything, I’m gonna enjoy this beautiful morning with my beautiful little family and then some quiet time with coffee.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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