Whatever I Find Under My Toenails.


April 15, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

Is none-a-ya coddamn business.

Happy Take a Wild Guess Day!

April 15 – Take a Wild Guess Day

Yesterday was as productive as Saturday was relaxed.

I did all my meal prep stuff after everyone left for Palm Sunday mass.

Then Lord Steel Bear came over and I helped him make a driveway for my post carrier. Because they wreck my yard. And L.S.B. wasn’t having that shit.

So he made that happen. Because I hadn’t put that very high on my list of things to fix.

So a big THANK YOU to him for that.

And another in advance of helping me move the damned play fort for the kids.

After digging ditches and pouring concrete, I changed clothes and shoes and headed to the park to have a little family fun run. 3.5 miles in 35 minutes. Not bad for a guy that hasn’t run in ages and spent the majority of the day working before the run.

I was exhausted after that.

So it was a quiet night in prep for the week to come for all of us.

Today is Monday and I have s hitload of stuff to do.


I just did a brutal workout and now I need coffee if I’m going to make it through this day.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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