A Hateful Bullfrog of a Woman.


May 21, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

That’s what you get for making yourself into a cubist self portrait of yourself.

Happy Memo Day!

May 21 – Memo Day

Yesterday was the most not rainingest rainy day ever.

Which worked out just fine by me. My rainsuit was in the back of Jitterbug’s car.

I mostly just ran normal Monday errands.

Just as a millionaire.

But that was yesterday. Today I’m back to being a normal 45aire. Because that’s how much money I have left over from my million dollars.

Forty. Five. Dollars.

Mo’ money. Mo’ problems. Ya’ know?

So I decided to simplify my life and got rid of all that money.

Except for $45.

I mean, new comics come out tomorrow.


I’m not a friggin’ idiot.

I have priorities.

Speaking of which, I finished No. 1 With a Bullet last night.

I had some trouble getting into it at first, but after the second issue I was totally sucked in.

I’m about to start the first issue of Full Bleed, the print-only hardback quarterly that IDW is putting out. They’ve got some heavy hitters contributing to it, so I’m hopeful.

Other than that, and a nap, I don’t really have too much until this evening’s ball games.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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