You Want Me To What?


May 14, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

With how many balloons?

“I am the Master of Throwing Shit Where It Needs To Go.”

I love this woman.

The things she says to me before bed.

I am truly blessed.

She also puts up with shit like this at all hours of the day and night…

May 14 – Dance Like a Chicken Day

Happy Dance Like a Chicken Day!

Holy fuckballs.

Yesterday Mondayed (Mondaied?) so hard.

I spent most of the day blowing up balloons.

I kid you not.

I must’ve blown up like a million of them.

5 inch ones. 12 inch ones. 24 inch ones.

A shitload of them.

I rubbed a blister on my finger from tying off balloons.


What the fuck.

It’s days like yesterday that remind me why I love my job so much.

How often can you say you spent your Monday blowing up balloons with a hand pump?

Oh yeah no. We didn’t have an electric air pump. I did that shit by using a hand pump.

I’m glad I spent so much of my life practicing that motion. Let me tell ya’.

Anyway, work kept me on my toes yesterday.

And for that I am grateful.

But it wore me the fuck out and I didn’t get to work on hardly any of my list. So that got bumped to today.

So much to do.

And then I get to work on my Tuesday list after that.

I’d better get to it.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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