I’ve Got Blisters.


June 16, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

On my everything.

Today is an amazing holiday.

Father’s Day?

Nah that’s lame.

Today is Captain Jean Luc Picard Day!

June 16 – Captain Picard Day

I thought I knew what tired and sore felt like.

I thought I knew what doing hard work felt like.

And then I laid tile in the basement for 12 hours.

Those things, those feelings, have now been refined.

Holy. Fuckballs.

Every part of my body hurts.

I haven’t checked on Stan Stan the Rockman yet today, but I’m sure he’s in about the same shape I’m in.

We went hard yesterday.

It’s a good thing I’m taking the day off to recover from all this work.

Oh wait.

I’m not.

One, I suck at resting.

Two, I have to get the tile back to Soda Pop in the next day or two. Because he very generously loaned me a saw from work and they need it back.

Three, we only got half way done with the job and resting isn’t going to get that shit done.

Plus I am down to five days before Le Duc gets here and I need that shit done so he can sleep in there.

So I’m gonna get some coffee in me, have a good stretch, and get back to coddamn work.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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