“Maybe They Just Didn’t Like the Beatles.”


June 26, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

“Honey, they were in the Beatles.”

Happy Chocolate Pudding Day!

June 26 – Chocolate Pudding Day

Yesterday would’ve been a lot better if I hadn’t had a headache all freakin’ day.

But I did get a shitload of stuff done.

Headache be damned.

I got the caulk started in the new shower in the basement.

I hauled coolers around.

I ran all the errands.

I made dinner for the Royal family and then we all went to Adlis’ baseball game.

I’ve got a long and busy day ahead of me today.

Errands, and coolers, and errands.

Then up the hill for more errands and comics.

Then back down the hill for more errands and grouting.


I’m dragging my feet if you couldn’t tell.

So maybe I’ll get that going.

Or maybe I’ll continue to putz around in the bathroom. I’ll scrub the tiles or something.

Whatever I end up doing down there today, I’m not doing shit until I drink another cup of coffee.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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